About Deborah Dorcas

DeborahDorcas started with a passion and was established in prayer.

Since I was young it was my dream to have my own skincare range.  I always mixed products from my mom’s kitchen and made masks for my little sister and myself.  In fact, every Sunday was a mask day!

The skincare products and treatments became a creative hobby rather than a career.

In 2018 my sister and her husband moved to Ladybrand.  We used to pray together on a daily basis and addressed many groups of ladies with our involvement in ministry.  I told her that I felt in my spirit it was time for a skincare range.  She was a little sceptical because the concoctions of our childhood mixes were still fresh in her memory.

One night, Riana had a dream about a golden letter our mom gave to her and she was amazed at how beautiful and young our mom’s skin was. (at that stage our mom was already 82 years old).  She said to my sister that she must remember to dance amongst the cosmos flowers.  It was as if she gave her some kind of a blessing.

When she told me about the dream, I heard the name “DeborahDorcas” in my spirit.  I just knew it was the skincare range we had to establish.

Deborah means “wisdom” and Dorcas means “risen from death.”

The DeborahDorcas skincare range would revive people.  I had to mix Biblical essential oils as the main ingredients in the skincare products of DeborahDorcas.  It was an anointed product which would change the lives of many people.

In March 2019 I ordered raw materials from different suppliers and tried my feet on the water. I gave samples to my sister and a friend, Annatjie Prinsloo and kept a few to myself.  Within a short period of time our skins started to visibly change.

In September 2019 I put my first advertisement on Facebook together with “before and after” photos and sold the first samples of DeborahDorcas on Facebook.  The response to the products was overwhelmingly positive and by the end of October I had a fulltime factory from home.

Riana and her husband relocated to Pretoria from where she distributes DeborahDorcas products on a fulltime basis.  More than 30 women joined the team as full-time consultants for DeborahDorcas.  Word of mouth is definitely our number one method of advertisement!

At Deborah-Dorcas we take pride in every beauty product that we produce.

Retha Styger

Riana Venter

Babs Rossouw