• At Deborah-Dorcas we are proud that our products are 100% natural. Many of our ingredients have been believed to have healing properties and have been used for centuries for their possible health benefits.
  • Our products however should never be used as a substitute for medical care as self-medication nor to treat any health condition.
  • Special care must be taken when women are pregnant or breastfeeding as our products contain herbs and essential oils of which safety in use have not been established in these individuals.
  • The ingredients used in all our products except for the DDBee mask are sensitive to heat and water and should be kept in the fridge or in a cool, dark, dry place below 25 degrees Celcius.
  • Generally our products are not prone to “go off” but care should be taken if the products smell or look unusual.
  • None the less, natural separation may occur in some products at certain temperatures or if not used regularly. Please remember to shake and mix before use.


  • DeborahDorcas makes use of a third party courier and do not take responsibility for the following:
    • Delay in delivery once an order has been dispatched to the third party service.
    • Delays owing to incomplete information provided by customers.
    • Orders delivered to an incorrect address due to incomplete shipping details provided by the customer.
    • Deliveries received at the shipping address by persons other than the purchaser.